At the heart of TracPipe's® design is its unique patented AutoFlare® fitting. AutoFlare's® male BSP taper threads links all the benefits of TracPipe® to traditional pipe fittings and does it with no special tools. Two spanners, a utility knife and a standard tube cutter (wheel for stainless steel) are all you need to connect AutoFlare® fittings. AutoFlare® is self-flaring and easy to use. It is selfpiloting and the joint seals with normal spanner torque for a safe, leak-free connection. Make it the first choice for all residential, commercial and industrial job sites.

AutoFlare® - DOES IT RIGHT

Four Easy Steps
  • TracPipe┬« is marked every meter as an installation aid.
    Cut TracPipe

    TracPipe® is marked every meter as an installation aid. Use a wheeled tube cutter with a stainless steel blade. Cut through plastic cover and stainless steel pipe ensuring blade is centred between two corrugations.

  • Strip back the plastic cover
    Remove Jacket

    Using a utility knife, strip back the plastic cover about 25 mm back from the cut end to allow assembly of fitting.

  • Place the AutoFlare fitting
    Place Fitting

    Place the AutoFlare fitting into the back nut and engage threads.

  • Tighten nut and body

    Tighten nut and body. Done!

AutoFlare Gas Pipe Fittings
  • AutoFlare Straight Fittings
    Straight Fittings
  •  AutoFlare Reducing Fittings
    Reducing Fittings
  • AutoFlare Couplings
    AutoFlare Couplings
  • AutoFlare Tee
    AutoFlare Tee's