Design & Installation Guide


  • SANS 10087-1 Approved
  • Approved For Ceilings And Other Critical Areas
  • ANS/IAS LC-1
  • CSA 6.26 Standard
  • CANADA-CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code
  • lNFPA 54/ANSI Z 223.1 National Fuel Gas Code
  • ICBO-Uniform Mechanical Code
  • BOCA-National Mechanical Code
  • CABO-1 and 2 Family Dwelling Code
  • SBCCI-Standard Gas CodeICC-International Mechanical Code
  • IAPMO Listing FILE 3682
  • IAPMO Listing FILE 4665
  • ICBO Evaluation Services ER-5412
  • Factory Mutual "Flexable Piping Systems for Flammable Gases"
  • California Mechanical and Plumbing Codes
  • ICC-International Fuel Gas Code
  • NFPA 58 LP-Gas CodeUPC-Uniform Plumbing Code 2003
  • UL Through Penetration Firestop Systems Classified
  • BS 7838 Approved and tested by Advantica Technology


TracPipe® conforms to British Standards BS 7838 (Corrugated stainless steel semi-rigid pipe and associated fittings) and is Kitemarked to this standard by BSI. TracPipe® is also approved by Advantica Technology to this standard, for working pressures up to 75mbar, for 1st (manufactured gases), 2nd (natural gas) and 3rd (LPG propane, butane) family gases. For working pressures above 75mbar reference should be requested.


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